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試験名称:IBM Business Process Manager v8.5.7 Application Development using Process Designer
試験時間:90 分
試験登録:Pearson VUE
関連資格:IBM Certified BPM Application Developer - IBM BPM v8.5.7 using Process Designer
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1.The Business Action Language (BAL) Rule component provides a rule editor that allows authoring of
business rules using which technology?
A. XML or Java
B. General system services
C. Natural language technology
D. JavaScript and AJAX services
Answer: C
2.What is the purpose of an event based undercover agent (UCA) in IBM Business Process Manager?
A. It ensures that timed events are triggering on schedule.
B. It monitors the transfer of tracking events into the Performance Data Warehouse (PDW).
C. It synchronizes shared business objects across one or more Business Process Definitions (BPD’s).
D. It calls a service to handle a message event or a content event targeted for a Business Process
Definition (BPD).
Answer: D
3.Why would a developer use JavaScript in business process definitions?
A. It’s a way to declare variables to be used.
B. This is the only way to define business objects.
C. To create exposed process values for specific users.
D. To implement customized behavior in the process model.
Answer: A
4.When building an Ajax service, which statement is true regarding automatically synchronizing shared
business objects?
A. The settings are configurable.
B. The settings are always disabled.
C. The settings are set using a server script.
D. The settings are only available to administrators.
Answer: B
5.What happens when converting BPDs to processes?
A. Sub processes are not converted.
B. Heritage human services and coaches are converted.
C. Linked processes and heritage human services are not converted.
D. References to linked processes and heritage human services need to be recreated.
Answer: C

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IBM Certified BPM Application Developer C9550-512出題範囲:
Section 1: IBM Business Process Manager Development Methodology (5%)
Section 2: IBM Business Process Manager Architecture (17%)
Section 3: Process and Case Modeling (21%)
Section 4: User Interface Development (17%)
Section 5: Service Development (14%)
Section 6: Content Management (5%)
Section 7: Performance Tracking and Reporting (6%)
Section 8: Error Handling, Debugging and Troubleshooting (9%)
Section 9: Deployment, Governance and Toolkits (6%)

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